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The brain struggling to understand the brain is society trying to explain itself – Colin Blakemore, Mechanics of the Mind 1977
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The Neuromedia Corner aims to share news and stimulate an effective dialogue about the state of the art of neuroscience technologies, their risks and benefits and the associated ethical and social issues.

The Neuromedia Corner is an idea of the bid – Brains in Dialogue project.
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To date tens of thousands of people worldwide have received deep brain stimulation to alleviate symptoms of several treatment-resistant disorders: from Parkinson’s disease and essential tremor to chronic pain, epilepsy and psychiatric conditions, such as obsessive compulsive disorder, major depression and Tourette syndrome. But what are the potentials and limitations of this technology? And what is the real impact on patient’s life? Is there a risk for personality alterations?

Such controversial issues and many more will be addressed during the third bid-workshop brains in dialogue on deep brain stimulation which will take place on 20-21 September 2010 in Warsaw, Poland (APPLICATION CLOSED).

Scientists, clinicians, patients, philosophers, sociologists, journalists and other stakeholders will gather to discuss the state of the art of deep brain stimulation for neurological and psychiatric conditions and the ethical and social implications.

Preliminary programme (with abstracts and biographies)
Venue: Polonia Palace Hotel
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The discussion will open to the public on Tuesday 21 September 2010 at 6 pm with the round table Brain, machine and something in between which will be part of the Warsaw Science Festival.
Venue: SKWER, Krakowskie Przedmiescie 60a, Warsaw. Language: Polish (with consecutive translation)
With: Piotr Durka (University of Warsaw, Poland), Tomasz Mandat (CO-I, Poland), Maartje Schermer (Erasmus Medical Centre, The Netherlands). Chaired by Marcin Rotkiewicz; Polityka Magazine, Poland.

About Warsaw
With over 400 years of pride as a capital, Warsaw is Poland’s largest city and an economic, political, and cultural centre. It’s a thriving, dynamic and progressive city, the epitome of a Polish nation firmly fixed on the future.
In 2010 Warsaw also celebrates the 200th anniversary of the birth of Fryderyk Chopin with concerts, educational projects, exhibitions and much more.

Find the countless reasons to fall in love with Warsaw…
Warsawtour e-Warsaw Video Guide to Warsaw
Chopin Year Celebration

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