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The brain struggling to understand the brain is society trying to explain itself – Colin Blakemore, Mechanics of the Mind 1977
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The Neuromedia Corner aims to share news and stimulate an effective dialogue about the state of the art of neuroscience technologies, their risks and benefits and the associated ethical and social issues.

The Neuromedia Corner is an idea of the bid – Brains in Dialogue project.
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First bid workshop

“Brains in Dialogue on Brain Imaging” will address the scope and limits of Brain Imaging in understanding and treating psychiatric conditions as well as the ethical, legal and social implications.
SISSA and the bid-brains in dialogue team are pleased to announce the first bid workshop which will take place on 17-18 March 2009 at the Clare College in Cambridge, UK.

The meeting will address the scope and limits of Brain imaging in understanding and treating psychiatric conditions as well as the ethical, legal and social implications.


A combination of talks and facilitated discussions will be used to foster a multidirectional dialogue among key stakeholders. Scientists, health operators, service users, experts in legal, social, ethical issues and science communicators will talk about the latest applications of Brain imaging inside and outside the clinic or the laboratory. We will touch issues relative to the users’ life experiences, to the legal and commercial use of imaging and the governance of these technologies.

The meeting will end with the Cafè Scientifique “Can we read minds?”, a public event which is part of the Cambridge Science Festival and the Brain Awareness Week.

Registration for the workshop is now closed.
For enquiries please contact us.

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The second bid workshop in articles, presentations, video interviews, pictures and much more.
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The first bid workshop in articles, video interviews, pictures and more.
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